The various facilities at our campsite

An overview of all facilities at our campsite.
At mini campsite de Zandbooi we have installed brand new sanitary facilities with a nice washing-up area outside.As the campsite used to be an old riding school, you can also bring your horse on holiday and there is still a sandbox available for riding. The whole campsite has free Wi-Fi, it is also possible to take your dogs on holiday up to 2 dogs.

Sanitary facilities

In 2021 we constructed a new toilet building in the back of the riding hall. The toilet building is fully equipped and kept clean. In each room there are 2 toilets and 2 showers where you can take a hot shower for 50 cents (about 8 minutes).Toilet paper and handsoap are available.

In front of the toilet building you will find the dish washing area with 2 sinks and enough sink space to put your things.

At the entrance of the site you will find the chemical toilet where the cassette can be emptied.


Just behind the stables in front of the camping fields there is a large asphalted car park where you can park your vehicles free of charge.  

On arrival you can drive onto the field once to unload your equipment and then on departure to load it. It is not desirable to drive on the fields in the meantime.

Horses at the campsite

Westkapelle is a beautiful area to ride your horse. On the beaches of Domburg, for example, you can make a beautiful ride in the evening hours.

At our old riding school you can also go with your horse. In the adjacent meadows your horse can walk around freely or you can use an outside paddock. Indoor stabling is unfortunately not possible. Please always contact us in advance about the possibilities.


Oude zandweg 29/31, 4361 SK, Westkapelle

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